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A 5minute repeater with single push piece chronograph. The chronograph records upto 1 minute and the offset seconds has 5 incremental jumps in a single second. There are two trains and the watch is wound by winding the crown in both directions winding both barrels. One for the going train, one for the chronograph. Another aspect of this watch which makes it unusual is the setting of the hour is executed by tilting the bow towards the dial, then the crown adjusts the time instead of winding the mainsprings.

5 minute repeaters were first made in 1710 by Samuel Watson, the repeater strikes the hours and then the number of five-minute periods after the hour. The mechanism uses a low tone for the hours and a higher tone for the minutes. 

 A "foudroyante" hand, has a period of one second. Watches equipped with such a hand typically also feature a conventional seconds hand. The foudroyante hand can be central or in a subdial, and can be used for timekeeping or as part of a chronograph