The Reason

The IWC Portuguese split seconds chronograph is a modern classic which was originally launched in 1995. The calibre based on a Valjoux 7750 was transformed into a manually wound split seconds chronograph by Richard Habring.

The pusher at 2 is for the -start/stop- , at 4 is -return to zero-, and 10 is the split seconds

Below, the majority of the base calibre is covered by the split seconds module.

In this deconstruction I adress only the modifications to the original Valjoux 7750 chronograph calibre. At a later date I will make a full deconstruction of a Valjoux 7750, which will then be linked to this model.

IWC split-6350.jpg

The bezel removed showing the four screw holes in the centre which local the bezel.

A clear view of the two seconds hands set directly on top of each other.

The complete set of hands. Time in gold and chronograph in blued steel.

The dial recto-verso. The numbers are made by being pressed/stamped from the dial material.

To learn more about IWC: 

From Hodinkee a link to an article  on rattrapante wristwatches.

Watch lent for deconstruction by

Roy & Sacha Davidoff