The Reason

This is a classic example of a 1950's triple date JLC with steel case, tear drop lugs. Entirely made by JLC the same design and mechanism was reproduced by Cartier and Vacheron Constantin in the same period by JLC for these houses. It is a historical representation of JLC's design and manufacturing expertise.

There is an extraordinary array of classic calibers in watchmaking, by numerous watch houses that have been developed, executed and found their way into history. This JLC is one of them, it is a work-horse of a caliber and with the exceptions created because of an early case which is not moisture resistant, could effectively live for ever. The over all movement design and proportions are perfect for classical chronometry and longevity.

The conical case back integrates a substantial mechanism and renders the case elegant and relatively slim. The overall design is complex and indicative of JLC from the early 1950's and late 1940's.

Full view of the caliber in its movement ring which in turn pushes with a friction fit into the case back followed by the case bezel which clips onto the back.

The full calendar mechanism, the discs in Spanish.

The full calendar mechanism, the discs in Spanish.

Various images of the dial showing the volume of the gold hands and indexes as well as the riveting of the indexes from the back of the dial.

Diverse images of the assembled watch

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