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The Vaucher calibers present on the site are examples from a manufacturing structure that has the capabilities to produce virtually every component of a calibre, and provide these products tailored to its customers requirements from 10 examples until many thousands.

Vaucher has between 30-40 clients, including some of the most famous houses in the watch industry. During 2017 they produced over fifteen thousand calibers. Their capacity of production is thirty five thousand pieces per year.

Each caliber developed at Vaucher manufacture costs up to five million Swiss francs to develop and takes between three to five years depending on complexity.

Functions Self-winding - 2 hands. Main dimensions 13 ¼” (30.00 mm diameter) thickness of 2.6 mm. Power reserve 48h. Number of components 176. Jewels 29. Frequency 3 Hz (21’600 A/h). Type of balance Variable inertia with gold inertia blocks. Type of balance-spring Flat. Type of oscillating weight Off-centre/Tungsten micro-rotor. Oscillating weight winding direction Single direction in clockwise sense of the weight viewing from the dial side. Chronometry Variable inertia balance.

The Swiss lever or pallet pivots are never lubricated. Conventionally the jewels for the pallets which are used still retain a counter sink such as found on all other jewels. Here the oil sink is not added, removing any likely-hood that a technician or watchmaker might accidentally lubricate the pivots.

Close up of the assembled automatic train

Close up of the detent which meshes with the ratchet wheel under the third wheel assembly preventing part of the wheel from winding anti-clockwise. On the right the screw head is actually an eccentric plug which rotates to adjust the position of the detent in relation to the ratchet wheel and blocks the detent spring so that it can not move.

Every surface of the movement is decorated

Close up of the setting and winding mechanism fully assembled and decortated

The movement partially dismantled.

Exploded view from the bridge side

Exploded view from the bridge side

Exploded view of the setting mechanism

Exploded view of the setting mechanism

The films shown below are from Vaucher's website and provide extra details into each calibre as well as their system CLA for final quality control of assembled watches.

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