Examples of antique watchmaking tools restored by André Léchot


Mr André Léchot has spent the last 40 years restoring, in his spare time antique and vintage watchmaking tools that may otherwise have been neglected or destroyed. His goal was and remains the preservation of this part of horological history.



A topping tool

Topping tools were made to alter (or develop) the profile of the teeth on wheels.

The steel disc in the centre is the cutter that effectively files the form of the teeth of the wheel.

The two long screws adjust the height of the disc (in the image above) in penetration with the teeth which are being modified. 

A second topping tool fixed to its original box, containing multiple cutters and accessories.

A depthing tool

Two complete mobiles (wheel and pinion) were placed between the spindles and the penetration between wheel and pinion adjusted manually. Once correct the end of the spindles scribed the correct arc distance for the positioning of the two mobiles on the mainplate.

Depthing tool.jpg

A centering tool

A mainplate pivot hole would have been alined with the lower spindle, then the bridge or cock screwed in place on the mainplate would have been marked with the upper spindle (centre punch), assuring the resulting wheel or barrel to be added would be perfectly perpendicular between bridge and plate.

Pocket watch bow pivot cutter

The purpose of the tool was to mill the pivots of the bow (upon which a chain would be attached to).

Hand made, balance wheel poising tool with hardened steel jaws.

Tool for holding balance wheels (and supporting balance cocks) whilst the balance screws were manipulated.

Inclined micrometer

Press tool

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