Laser engraving of bridges, surface treatments such as Geneva stripes, circling, satin finishes, diamond cut angling are all performed by machine to decorate the components after they are made and prepared (de-burred, and pre- jeweled on occasions).


The machine used to produce Geneva stripes. The bridge is located by hand onto specific jigs assuring the correct orientation then machined automatically. After which the stripes are then checked on a comparitor.

Each jig specifically made for a different bridge or plate.

Checking the Geneva stripes are correctly associated with the design on the calque.

On the left the calque design on the comparator. On the right the decorated bridge is added for comparison below the design.

The machine for executing linear Geneva strips.

Sample bridges with Geneva stripes. The bridges posed in different angles catch the light differently giving different effects. 

Automatic spotting (or pearlage). The operator loads the mainplates assuring they are correctly located and clean, the machine then is programmed to effect a consistent and even decoration. 

As with the Geneva stripes the spotting decoration changes its aspect depending on the light and angle.