Forums are listed in alphabetical order of country of origin.

Not all origins are obvious so please excuse any confused territories.

Any suggested additions are always welcomed.


Across of all media platforms, including social, online and print for people that want to dive deeper into stories about watches

A unique view of the watch world from “down under”

Representing a new-age of watch lovers. Speaking the truth and providing a subjective analysis of watches.

Founded by Australia’s foremost watch journalist Bani McFadden, news, reviews and features.


The discussion forum of the online watch sales website


The first and only Croatian portal and forum dedicated to watches


Mixture of watches, cars and objects or vertu against the background of London, New York and Dubai


English language blog, dedicated to Blancpain watches.

German language watch forum

(Evolving site,) links to useful reference section for movements and other technical data.

English language magazine, articles on watches, watchmaking and lifestyle. Emphasis on independent brands.


One of the closest websites I've found to resemble English ones. 

Chronos is also known to be one of the most consistent and reliable sources for watch-related new, as their magazine is one of the best. 

Similar to Chronos, GQ provides interesting readings. 

Hypebeast is known to cover various content, mainly fashion. However, I found that they provided consistent media in parallel to the English counterparts. 

The four websites are similar in structure and provide up-to-date news on various industry events. 

This website ranks various blogs in terms of popularity. It would be useful for people to look for blogs that match their taste using the ranking. 

This is the blog of one of the large watch retailers in Japan. 

This blog featured various materials, like fashion, alongside watches. 

This is one of the most casual forum-style platforms. 

A personal blog. More casual but could be useful for certain audiences. 

A series of blogs moderated by various branches of the Ishida watch retailer. Something more business-oriented, but reliable.


English language site specializing in detailed articles about vintage watch models, in
particular Japanese and Soviet.


Based in the Netherlands, the largest watch publication in Europe and the third worldwide.

Opinionated watch reviews, news coverage, unique stories, columns, photo-essays, manufacture visits and watch event reports.

Comprehensive Dutch language forum

An expansive database of watch brands and calibres.


English language Philippine discussion forum


SJX is one of Asia’s leading watch experts. Written with an emphasis on unique and opinionated content.

Part of Singapore Press Holdings Magazines and focused more towards high-end haute horlogerie.

The world’s No.1 watch magazine, available in multiple countries and languages


Home to the main watchmaking forum in Spanish. Presenting news from the world of watches with the utmost rigor and care.

Web site with articles in Spanish and English, offering member exclusive deals


Swedish language watch discussion forum


Based in Switzerland, this brand supported website was one of the first watch dedicated websites.



Established by two of the most respected names in watch journalism, an eclectic mix of mainstream and independent watchmaking writing at its best.

Publishing at least two videos per week covering reviews, shows and behind-the -scenes

Swiss German language watch and technical forum

Building bridges between the watchmaking hubs around the world by connecting protagonists, be they watchmakers, suppliers, collectors or, simply, consumers looking for reliable information.

Primarily a discussion forum focused on Omega watches, but other major Brands also included 

Based in Switzerland French language blog offering articles on horology and fast cars.  

United Kingdom

A world renowned expert on Rolex, collector, journalist and seller of vintage watches

The top UK based website, regular reviews and interviews often with lesser known brands

Wide ranging English language forum

The Watchmakers Club is intended to bring watch collectors and industry experts together via intimate, exclusive events and regular social gatherings.

Vintage watch discussion forum

United States of America

Wrist watch reviews and watch news, as well as behind-the-scenes looks at watch factories, interviews with watch executives and celebrities

Online magazine, looking at watches and other lifestyle items.

America’s No.1 watch magazine and online articles

Uncensored Forum, shared links to articles and watch debate.

The world’s most widely read source for watch reviews, news and appreciation

One of the first full-time websites on watches, mixture of articles and videos

Horological Society of New York, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the art and science of horology.

The dedicated watch area of the larger Ask Men site. Wide ranging features on which watches to buy and why.

Dedicated to watches valued at over $10,000. Real time news, up-to-date information.

Discover the latest and greatest luxury and avant-garde wristwatches

A Watch Forum For Enthusiasts, By Enthusiasts

Watch repair, tools and equipment discussion forum

A broad range of content, written by individuals with diverse perspectives, from reviews to guides to highlights of vintage pieces.