Profile turning includes the processes of turning, drill, cutting threads, milling, etc. This may be done by hand or on automatic or semi-automatic machines. Small mass-produced parts are profile-turned on automatic machine-tools called forming- and cutting-off lathes or automatic lathes.

The parts below are all examples of components that have been machined, they have not yet been treated or decorated.

Technical plans associated to the machining of the above pieces

Modern retro-fitted profile turning machines.

Vaucher 2.500-4697.jpg

Cam driven machines (original execution).

In the centre of my palm is a screw that shows the scale of some of the components made.

A comparator, used to compare visually and manually the components made with the different machines by use of calques and the contour of the components enlarged between x20 and x100.

Gold chatons for jewels

Vaucher 2.500-4786.jpg

Diverse parts