The departments of 'Methodes' is singularly the most important link in the chain of manufacturing movements, although every link is necessary, this department and the person controlling it needs to have an over view of the entire production process and orders it accordingly, understanding every department and step in detail.

The Main Tasks are as follows

Verify the feasibility of product manufacturing
Development of technical data
Define workflows
Manage design and provide the tools needed for production
Validation of processes (internal and external)
Technical improvements and process improvements

Links with:

The technical department
The quality control departement (which works with every section of production)
Production workshops
Industrialization department
The laboratory


Create technical data

Define the mode of supply. Made (choice of process) or purchaced from outside
Creation of articles, ranges and nomenclatures (the body or system of names used in a particular specialist field)

The importance of this data leads to:

Supply all the nomenclature on time
Know the costs and set sales prices
Manage workshop capacities
Start production orders
Supply purchased components
Manage flows (cutting ranges), batch sizes

The article card (this is the identity card of each piece)

Among others elements, you find the following information:
The name
The plan number
The price
The mode of supply
Planning data for manufactured items (minimum batch sizes)

Ranges and nomenclatures

We can compare a range to a cooking recipe. It is the different successive stages of manufacture that make it possible to obtain the semi-finished and finished product. There is the following information:

Manufacturing operations
Machine preparation times
Manufacturing time
Operation plans
The n ° articles tools

This information makes it possible to calculate the price of the part, this allows the logistics to launch the order of manufacture and thus to know the progress of the product at any time.
This also allows the workshop supervisor to know the workload in his department.


Each operation is analysed to define the need for manufacturing tools.
Also analysis of the need for specific packaging (cap, injected plastic box).
Working hands, working dials, winding crowns and specific COSC components are also defined.
Once this list is established, development of the tools internally or externally
Launching of tools into production internally or externally


Of new manufacturing processes.

Participation in the development and / or implementation of new equipment.
Laser engraving
Laser cutting
Automatic pre-lubrication
Automatic oiling


The above material is non-exhaustive of this position.