Watch designer Emmanuel Gueit has worked with Piaget, Harry Winston, Hermés, Audemars Piguet and Rolex amongst others, he is the designer of the AP Off Shore amongst other icons watch models.

1. Describe briefly your childhood.

I was born into the watch world. My Father, together with Gerald Genta and Gilbert Albert were the fathers of this watch design industry. I grew up surrounded with watches, jewelry and CEO’s at home. I’m like Obelix (for the french), I fall in it when I was a little one.

2. As a child did you have any driving ambition?

One day a singer, one day a watch designer, one day a cook/chief, one day a watch designer......

3. What is your first significant memory as a child?

Picking up my father when I was 4 y/o at his Piaget office on Thursday afternoon after a day shopping with my mum and sister...i was impressed with all those men in white blouses and the big machines everywhere. The office  was the Actual Patek museum.

4. Have you ever had another profession?

No never....

5.  What made you decide to go in the direction you are currently in?

Being very bad at school but always with a pen in my hand designing....

6. What’s the worst job you’ve had to do?

Trying to do an Apprenticeship as a jeweler..... I was so so  bad! I hated it.

7. What’s been the hardest moment in your life so far, and how did you overcome it?

Watching my father declining with Alzheimer and not be able to do anything...but just watching. I will never overcome to this.

8. Who has had the strongest influence on you?

I had 3 mentors, 1-my father obviously who gave me the sense of beauty and luxury. 2-Jacqueline Dimier, Head of design at AP when I started, she gave me the chance to work her and a manufacture,  3-Stephen Urquhart CEO of AP when I was there who believed in my talent and taught me everything about marketing, commercial and market.

9. What are you most proud of?

Every designed I have made I am proud of it... its like having kids every time.... and if its a success its even better.

10. What advice would you give to a 20 something someone thinking of taking a similar path as you?

Stop using internet to look for ideas but use your brain. Believe in you and in your design no matter what

11. Name three things on your bucket list.  

Live in Germany , live in Hong Kong, live in the Middle East.


12. Where do you think the industry is going to be in 10 years time.

Look at the 3 guys in question 1, they were crazy enough to design icon’s or make brands  incredible, CEO’s where open enough to change things and take risks....we are still living on what those 3 guys did in early 60’s.
The 60’s and 70’s were incredibly creative and daring decades ...what have we done since??? Its time to move on and imagine the next 40 years, Design is a real job and its not because you wear a Hermes tie or Gucci shoes that you have a good taste.

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