Laurent Ferrier sets the example that regardless of whatever stage of life you may find your self in, goals can always be pursued and realised.

1. Describe briefly your childhood.

Carefree and joyful

2. As a child did you have any driving ambition?

To become a racing driver ...... ..or watchmaker like my entire family.

3. What is your first significant memory as a child?

I have lots of beautiful memories ... its difficult to favor one, maybe at 16 when my father gave me a Breitling Datora chrono, I still have it and I was inspired by it when we realized our QA.

4. Have you ever had another profession?

Yes, I worked at an auto parts importer for 3 years

5.  What made you decide to go in the direction you are currently in?

The love of watches, my father had his watchmaking workshop in the same building (at La place de l’ile) and we lived on the 4th floor so I passed by every day to see him!

 6. What’s the worst job you’ve had to do?

Sell car accessories to people who did not have any need or desire !!

7. What’s been the hardest moment in your life so far, and how did you overcome it? 

There have been some, I prefer not to think about it anymore.

8. Who has had the strongest influence on you? (What are your greatest inspirations?)

My parents, for watchmaking my father.

9. What are you most proud of? 

I would like my son could continue what we started together, he has the ability.

10. What advice would you give to a 20 something someone thinking of taking a similar path as you? 

To love one's profession, to persevere ...... and to hope to have luck on one's side!

11. Name three things on your bucket list.

I did the 24 hours of mans several times, (see question 2) I made some beautiful watches (at least watches that I liked) !! ......... ..and I did not think about death!

12.Where do you think the industry is going to be in 10 years time.

It's been a few decades, and even more, that the beautifully crafted watchmaking exists, even if we graft a perpetual calendar in the brains, there will always be lovers of real mechanics that only works with the force of a spring and that is wound by the human hand.

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