Founder of TheWatchesTV, Marc André was quick to see the potential in power of Youtube, today he is commisioned to cover special events by some of the largest companies in the industry.  Presenter and entrepreneur he holds the attention of over  83'000 people and counting that subscribe to his Youtube Channel. 

1. Describe briefly your childhood?

 A Childhood marked by several places of residence and as a single child you had to be creative to have fun! But on the whole a rich childhood full of discovery, even if I was rather shy.


2. As a child did you have any driving ambition

 Astronaut to see the earth from space and see space from space! My parents had lots of old copies of National Geographic and I could look at them for hours, obsessed with these magical photos of the air and space conquest. But cooking interested me too!


3. What is your first significant childhood memory?

 A great lesson was when I was flying a small plane and found myself in a particularly delicate situation, I was about 20 years of age. I had a moment of thinking that my time had come and three seconds after that deciding to and taking control of the situation and my future.


4. Have you ever had another profession? What did you do? 

 Of course, but I still see a sense and logic in all the experiences that led me to do and be who I am today.


5.  What made you decide to go in the direction you are currently in?

 To remain free, creative and intrigued.


6. What’s the worst job you’ve had to do?

 As a student, selling Bras over the phone, I lasted the morning…


7. What’s been the hardest moment in your life so far, and how did you overcome it? 



8. Who has had the strongest influence on you?

 I do not have a particular superhero or mentor in my life, having said that I would have liked to have had that experience...


9. What are you most proud of? 

 I sometimes feel useful, it's good!


10. What advice would you give to a 20 something thinking of taking a similar path as you? 

 To remain enthusiastic and I know that it is not always easy, but in the end there is only perseverance that pays off. So without enthusiasm, things become very very difficult, let happiness guide your way as much as possible...


11. Name three things on your bucket list.

  1.  Fly at the gates of space in an old Mig (or other)

  2. To be able one day to take 3 weeks of vacation

  3. To tell everyone I love, that I love them and not to keep this locked up in my little head out of a sense of propriety.


12. Where do you think the industry is going to be in 10 years time.

Some very big brands very powerful (it is already the case), complicated for those having no personality / identity and I hope, recognition for the true artists of this industry. More sharing and experience and "viva watchmaking" !!!